People like feedback for live shows and movies as soon as they can get them. Well my site will now feature reviews the night after I have seen the show or movie. I’ve been reviewing professionally for 40 years, for Messenger, The News and The Sunday Mail, so feel free to read and quote MBM Reviews if you think one person’s view makes a difference.

The Cowgirl & The Showgirl Ride Again

This 70-minute show was so good I would have happily sat through it all again if there had been an interval, and a restart. Showgirl Libby O’Donovan and Cowgirl Beccy Cole are great singers, they know how to fill a stage and bring the audience to them. They are incredible solo performers who are generous enough to share the spotlight [...]

Her Majestys Theatre
October 10, 7:30 pm
Article by Matt Byrne
2020-10-12T11:33:43+10:30October 10, 2020|Reviews|

Gaslight – State Theatre Company

In a tragic year for live performance the planets have finally aligned for the State Theatre Company. It’s lavish production of Patrick Hamilton’s gothic drama Gaslight is the ideal fit and feel for the upgraded theatre, that is just as big an attraction as the show. The combination captures the time and the crime as the insidious Jack Manningham [...]

Her Majesty's Theatre
Until September 19
Article by Matt Byrne
2020-09-23T22:54:58+09:30September 15, 2020|Reviews|
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