This 70-minute show was so good I would have happily sat through it all again if there had been an interval, and a restart.

Showgirl Libby O’Donovan and Cowgirl Beccy Cole are great singers, they know how to fill a stage and bring the audience to them.

They are incredible solo performers who are generous enough to share the spotlight with their true love.

They are also special spouses who celebrate their relationship and the right to entertain, and be ridiculously happy while they’re doing it.

What makes this show so memorable however is they reveal they are also bloody funny!

The skirt lifting banter, the natural comic timing, the original hilarious ballsy songs and the top shelf-deprecation put a lot of allegedly funny comic duos to shame.

They are fearless, flirtatious and surprisingly gracious when the jokes subside and the vocal virtuosity kicks in.

O’Donovan is the bubbly tomboy from Broken Hill with a larger-than-life personality who can enhance an American classic even when she takes it down the Strzelecki track.

From show tunes to jazz standards she takes it all in her stride.

Cole is blazing blonde with quickfire country patter, raising hell on guitar one minute and tearing your heart as the Poster Girl on the other side of the world, the next.

She puts her own stamp on country gold but respects her elders too.

This show would work anywhere in the world but it is also proudly South Australian and they’re Reddy with the right song to finish off the show.

It would be a crime if there’s an unsold seat at tonight’s show, so grab one while you can!

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