Matt Byrne’s Hott Property will be all auction at 2018 Fringe Real Estate comedy to celebrate 21 years of MBM shows at Maxims.

Matt Byrne’s Hott Property will be in the right “location location location” at Maxim’s Wine Bar from February 13 to March 17 at 7:30 p.m.

The show will celebrate 21 years of MBM presenting Fringe comedies at Maxim’s at Norwood and Hott Property will tell the story of Adelaide’s dodgiest Real Estate clan, the Hott Family!

“We rack up 21 years of my crazy comedies by heading into the rollercoaster world of Real Estate,” Byrne said. “It’s been quite a ride!

“After shows like Barrackers, Pricks, Virgins, Chalkies, PIGS, WAGS,, Bogans, The Luv Boat and My Kitchen Fools we now put our head on the auction block.

“You’ll meet the Hott Family, the regularly bankrupt Red Hott, his wise-cracking wife Smokin’ Hot, their gorgeous daughter Pipin’ Hott and her shifty fiance Terry Trott, who is planning to take over the Hott empire.

“TV is full of reality shows but this one is a realty show and we have a fabulous cast with Theresa Dolman as Smokin’, Amber Platten as Pipin’, Brad Butvila as Terry and myself as the redoubtable Red.

“You’ll see how Real Estate agents manage to keep the buyers, the sellers and themselves happy by occasionally telling the truth!”

Byrne said the show would also feature four bizarre couples all looking to buy their first home.

“We’ve got mother and daughter massage team Lusty and Busty Bodybutter, belly-aching British couple Roy and Sheila Whiner, firearms father-and-son team Harry and Mike Hunt and born-again missionaries Gary and Carrie Purgatory.

“You’ll also meet some light bulb moment tradies, nosy Open Inspection addicts and a bunch of other crazy characters who inhabit the real estate world.

“We sing and dance and give the audience an interactive evening where they become part of the action and the big Act 2 auction for everyone’s dream home.”

Matt Byrne’s Hott Property will play Maxim’s Wine Bar at 194a The Parade, Norwood (upstairs opposite the Norwood Hall) from February 13 ($15 Preview) 14-17, 21-24, February 28 to March 7, 8-10 and 14-17 & 19 at 7:30 p.m. All Tix are $25 plus booking fee.

Book on 1300 621 255,, 8262 4906 or via